Collect the expensive selling coin of 2 rupees from common practice

Friends, do you know about any such 2 rupee coin which can get you a very good price. If not, then read this blog carefully and in this we will tell you which valuable coin it is and where you can sell it.

So the coin we are going to talk about today is the Indian Air Force Platinum Jubilee coin of 2 rupees which was made from Kolkata Mint. And you can also collect this coin from common practice. Due to the low mintage of these coins, their value is increasing significantly. Friends, coins of normal condition of this coin are seen a lot. And coins of good condition are rarely seen. Friends, you can get good value of coins which are in good condition. Friends, I have seen that the price of this 2 rupees is increasing day by day. Its price today ranges from around Rs 300 to Rs 700. And there is also a rapid jump in its price, so I believe that in the coming years its price can reach 1000 to 2000 rupees. Friends, I want to make it clear to you once that not every coin is valuable and every coin is not worth much and even if you have a valuable coin, its price depends on the condition, if the condition is useless then You won’t get much money for that. Therefore, you should always keep your coins and notes well, for that you can use coin holder and coins album. Which you can also buy from the link given below at a very low price.

Where did you sell your valuable coin of 2 rupees?

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