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This article is a list of the best AutoCAD alternatives. We consider AutoCAD alternatives to be either open source applications or closed source commercial alternatives that have similar, or superior functionality to AutoCAD. AutoCAD alternatives have been chosen based on several criteria. Criteria include: ease of installation, size and features, open source options, cross-platform options, company reputation, whether it is easy to acquire technical support, and which one most closely resembles AutoCAD functionality. Although the list is not complete, we have tried to include all of the leading alternatives to AutoCAD. Our Recommendation With an average price per license of $1600, AutoCAD is expensive. AutoCAD is a complete solution, capable of producing highly detailed drawings. It is a comprehensive product that includes drafting, editing, layer, and page management, and has been the gold standard in desktop drafting. AutoCAD has great functionality, is updated often, and has a long history. It is a well-known product. Pros Cons To quote Autodesk: “These are designed and created by a team of Autodesk developers and enthusiasts. We rely on outside feedback to help shape these features, and we hope you’ll check them out and contribute to them!” In the past, Autodesk has produced significant innovations in the field of CAD. Our Recommendation Its complex functionality is unmatched by other applications. Anybody that has worked with AutoCAD understands how powerful it is. However, its price can be a limiting factor for small businesses. AutoCAD LT, the free version of AutoCAD, lacks some of the functionality of AutoCAD but is an attractive alternative. Pros Cons Free, unlimited use for up to five users Works with up to ten versions of AutoCAD Access to many of the features of AutoCAD The command line functionality of AutoCAD is arguably superior to AutoCAD LT Documentation can be difficult to find Does not have much of the functionality of AutoCAD AutoCAD Web is a web-based version of AutoCAD available on the web, which integrates with Microsoft Office Web Apps. It was developed to be a smaller, faster version of AutoCAD, and can also work with other Microsoft products. It was developed for the Internet Explorer browser. Pros Cons

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In Autocad press “File” -> “Import” -> “Import from AutoCAD” -> “Filters” -> “3D Batch Load” A file named “batch_xxxx.ab” will be opened Click “Add Files” and select “drive:\appdata\res\AutoCAD-2017\*.ab” A list of all.ab files you have on your PC will appear. Select the file that you want to use and click “OK” Then open the file “batch_xxxx.ab” and check “Build a house” Right-click on the property name “house.x” and select “Edit”. Right-click on the property name “house_base.x” and select “Edit”. Select “Edit template”. Select “Import”. Select “Import from AutoCAD” and select “Autocad DWG or DXF File (*.dwg, *.dxf)”. Click “OK”. Then you should see a new “house.x” and “house_base.x” files. Click “Close”. Copy the files to your mdeliv directory. You can find it here: “C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoDesk\Inventor 2017\MODEL (for x64)\MDL$” The second step For each model you have on your PC, you will need to activate all their existing properties. From your mdeliv directory go to this location: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Inventor 2017\MODEL (for x64)\SCHEMA\DIRECTORY (for x64)” Open the file “schemas_xxxx.ab” and select “Import”. Select “Import from AutoCAD” and select “Autocad DWG or DXF File (*.dwg, *.dxf)”. Click “OK”. Then you should see a list of all the models that have been created. If you don’t see your model, you probably missed the step 3.

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Improvements in 2D Autocad and 3D Modeling: Autocad Desktop can now import CAD models from other platforms. With support for Autodesk DWG and Autodesk 3ds files, you can integrate CAD models from their common file format, and easily view, edit, and modify CAD models. (video: 4:15 min.) CADBORG Mobile and Advanced AutoCAD rendering improvements: Save time with new textured and detailed rendering options that make your modelings look realistic. You can now choose different surfaces for your modelings: sand, matte, and more. You can also choose different lighting conditions for the textures on your modelings. (video: 2:48 min.) Improved performance and more memory usage: AutoCAD will now use less memory and run faster than ever before. Use the new memory viewer to see exactly how much memory is being used and monitor your AutoCAD experience in real time. (video: 2:15 min.) Integration of AutoCAD desktop applications to the cloud: Optimize your drawings and share them with others in the cloud through AutoCAD 360. Move files to the cloud, edit in the cloud, and collaborate and synchronize files in the cloud with other designers. Use the new cloud integration features to share your designs, instantly collaborate with others, create and review comments, and edit your drawings in real time from anywhere. (video: 3:46 min.) New and improved 3D features: In AutoCAD, 3D modeling tools have been reinvented with new features like extrusion, which can be used to build detailed 3D objects quickly and easily. Use the new 3D measuring tools to get the most accurate measurements for your 3D objects. AutoCAD adds support for the open format STL and access to a variety of community-developed plugins. Improved connectivity and simplified licensing: Connect to other AutoCAD users through the Autodesk Vault, and quickly collaborate with others using the cloud. Use a mobile device to access design data from anywhere, and synchronize mobile versions of your designs with desktop applications. In AutoCAD, license management is simplified, with the introduction of AutoCAD Student, AutoCAD Premium, and AutoCAD Enterprise. New and improved 2D AutoCAD tools: A complete redesign of the pen tool lets you draw with greater

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or later Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 2.5 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 or later DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 8 GB available space Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 2.5 GHz

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