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Get to the top of the World Health Organization’s list of the most deadly biological organisms. A virus outbreak is afoot in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and its only antidote lies within the genetically modified CDC lab compound miles away. Dr. Green’s daughter, Lydia, is the lead biochemist and Director of Research for the facility. She has a reputation for being a troublemaker. But when the campus gates close and personnel are ordered to report to an evacuation point, Lydia knows it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Your progress will be recorded as Lydia works through the CDC’s compound and the dangerous streets of Grand Rapids. Contagious Memories is a critical survival story – and you’ll be tested to the limit as you escape into the city and unravel the mysteries of the CDC and the outbreak. What is it? Contagious Memories is a fast-paced, tactical survival game set during an unprecedented virus outbreak in the Midwest. It’s an intense, resource management game that tests your wits and abilities as you improvise and adapt to survive. You’re trapped in a city ravaged by the undead. The only option is to make it out alive – either alone or with a friend in co-op. How far can I go? You’ll need to eat, sleep, and practice self-preservation; your limited supply of calories and sleep gradually deplete. While you’re exploring, you can unlock upgrades that increase Lydia’s general health and boost the chances of finding supplies on the streets. Increasing your inventory of food, meds, and other supplies is key, as you’ll need all the help you can get to survive the outbreak. If you run low, you’ll need to find a way to rest or find more food. Who are you? Lydia Green is the Director of the Global Research Program for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Lydia’s troubled past with boyfriends and a romantic rival, Gretchen Kendrick, have only complicated her life since she started the CDC. She’s spent the past year frantically trying to find a cure for the deadly virus that has now infected the U.S. Lydia has her own team of scientists, a motley crew of maniacs, and she’s never been afraid to get her hands dirty. How will I survive? Surviving in Contagious Memories is more than


King ‘n Knight Features Key:

  • Constructive Creativity
  • Realistic Strategy
  • Multiple Play Modes
  • Play Online!
  • Track your progress.


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Version 2.0 Update Released! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the game, and have incorporated a few changes to the controls which should hopefully improve how fluid the game is. So, if you ever get stuck or are having trouble switching between players, this might just be why. We hope you enjoy it! Controls: Click and drag to move, double click to attack, use WASD to move through menus. Support Support email: address@hidden.mail The ability to do better, faster, stronger, bigger, and with more will be yours to unlock! If you ever find an issue with the game, such as a bug or a glitch, please get in touch. If you enjoyed playing, please consider telling your friends about it and telling us how you got on. [TAS] 80-Up! by FoamishStudio An 80-hour survival horror puzzle game that lets you experience the story of an old hotel from the 1980s from the perspective of an older and more demanding you. You can freely roam around the various areas, starting from the lobby and working your way to the secluded rooms and the terrifying bedroom. Everything will come to a head as you learn the truth behind the twisted hotel’s past. In this little hidden gem you play as a young woman who is possessed by a demon. He forces her to act out his evil desires, one of which is to drink your entire blood supply and use you as a portal to the nearest graveyard. She must drink the blood of various people, store it in her basement and transport it back home. With each kill, she will feel more and more compelled to continue the ritual, leading to a devastating outcome. The game is a roguelike that starts you with nothing but your wits and your kitchen table. Make friends, play cards, buy tools, and explore. Set yourself up with a neighborhood, explore it, and meet its denizens. You’ll use your garden to grow tasty edibles and to unlock new technologies for building and upgrading your house. Build a giant mechanical dog for extra muscle. Go to your neighbors and ask for help. You don’t need a crew to survive, you just need each other. Developed by two prolific indie game developers, Maxisme and TomAs, Lost Sirens is a beautifully illustrated 2D survival roguelike RPG. With a story that spans over the course of 100


What’s new:

– Prototype: ‘Catuxa’ Edition 12 players on one board Demo-Mode Full GUI Mode Extra play options Immediate-Play mode Hotseat mode Single Mode (see below) Multi-Player Dice (see below) Version 1.4.1 – Sep 30th 2014 – version updates may be needed Tim has long wanted to be a game developer – and this is his way of doing it. Go forth! and conquer a TIY Stone Age site. It is customary to announce this game at The Opinionated Gamers Convention event in two parts: The first, a short news update with further announcements about the game, and the second the actual GameTech Game. Thus: Hero of the Stone Age Version 1.5.2 – Dec 24th 2014 – six years since the game was released, and it was time for Hero of the Stone Age to get an update. What is the update? New graphics, New board graphics, new Race cards, New card promotions, and new Promotions. Others updates are: rules additions, and a bug fix bug fix. Gameplay-wise, are there any changes? Yes. Couple of changes: With exceptions (and add-ons), new campaigns have same promotions, same prizes, same time limits, and same number of cards. However, new campaigns have 7 additional races, promoting the value of a ‘Race’ card. For instance, in Scratch ‘n Grow 3.0, new races were added to the game. Oisin Arvansson added two new races, one in order to complete his Alien d’Etude, and another to reduce the number of good cards in the game. Campaigns are designed for one season. New campaigns are updated as they change. Change in strategy has been in designing new campaigns. Fixed Issue: Fixed Issue: Greetings and welcome to a new version of ‘King ‘n Knight’, and Scratch ‘n Grow. The current campaign will be new games for the first of December, 2014. New graphics provided by Hero of the Stone Age, siwlass. New board provided by Dice Casual Games. New cards provided by John Doe. New rules provided by Tim. This version has been created with other more


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