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The good news is that casual sex might not be only empowering but also harmless if you’re prepared. If you know what you’re doing, or at least are doing your due diligence to keep yourself safe, casual sex might be a pretty harmless encounter — and here’s why. 1. You can do it safely. Let’s get this out of the way: you can totally get a condom. You can also do other things to keep yourself safe — like consume less alcohol, have only one sexual encounter in a day, and don’t risk hooking up with anyone who seems shady. 2. You can do it responsibily. Chances are, the person you want to hook up with is already on a dating app. Take the time to analyze what kind of person he is, and what kind of person he seems to be. That said, watch out for bad habits in your potential mate: have you ever seen a recent Tinder profile picture? You should probably skip him. Casual sex is just as appropriate with people you don’t know as with people you do know. For instance, there’s the need for consent, and you could simply call out your partner’s name and voice your objection if you get pressured to do anything illegal or risky. (Women being pressured to have sex to receive a refund on a meal is a real thing.) 3. You can do it in a safe space. There’s a right time for everything — and the wrong time for hooking up with someone you just met in a bar is about as wrong as it gets. Casual sex is your go-to when you’re already getting wasted (or drunk or high), but that’s not a good time to just get loose. You should only be hooking up with people you don’t know well, with whom you can be comfortable sharing your real name and all that’s important to you. Further, casual sex that doesn’t result in any form of intimacy can be pretty shallow, so make sure to approach sex after you’ve actually developed a solid foundation of trust with someone. 4. You can actually enjoy it. If you’re addicted to the instant gratification of a dopamine burst from sex, then you’re going to need to take precautions against possible withdrawal symptoms, which include anxiety and depression. When you’re having a good time, you don’t actually feel any of those things, but you do when you’re not. As a user of any kind of hookup app, you’ll also want to

Finally, exercising and eating properly can be just as rewarding as hooking up. You don’t have to be in shape or trim to get some enjoyable sex, but it goes without saying that it can actually help. (Think: Research shows that your body’s most sensitive parts are typically in the same places as the ones you’d want to enjoy!) Health is important to pleasure, so do everything in your power to stay healthy. Before you begin your search, be sure to save yourself money by planning ahead. If the potential partner is a friend of a friend, don’t waste time going on multiple first dates. Look up their online profile, establish whether you’d feel comfortable with them or not, and either contact them or save yourself the time and effort. It’s a lot easier to say no to a person you don’t connect with than it is to go on a date with someone you don’t trust or want to see again. Some 1,000 records of women exploited by their boyfriends and husbands have been collected by charity Crimestoppers. The appeal heard that the women were “willing participants” in the three-year operation, despite being forced to have sex with more than two dozen men. A phone dating app called nuzzly has a mature-aged option for younger users. Set up a profile where you’re 18, 19 or 20 and nuzzly will search for matches with people who are at least 45, 50 or 55 years old. It’s designed to cater for that group who want to remain sexually active in a committed way. People don’t date by the week anymore. You can find a way to see if someone is interested in you by asking them to set up a date. This way you know that you have some more time to get to know them and if you’re not into them, then you can thank them for their time and move on without the pressure of a date. **Where to go.** Casual hookups are the norm on college campuses; the typical scenario is some frenetic sex in a dorm room, followed by lots of postcoital chillin’ on someone’s couch. Make no mistake: Casual sex is prevalent (albeit in the eyes of the law, there’s still a lot of boundary issues to handle). If you aren’t on the look out for potential heartache, casual sex in college can be a very pleasurable experience, and it’s fairly safe for something that can occur so quickly. **What to do

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