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The oft-quoted age-old wisdom that women may desire short-term sexual encounters with new men for fun and novelty, but men are more likely to want long-term relationships is still a widely held belief today. But research increasingly shows that men and women seek casual sex for different reasons. Is casual sex good for you? Women, for example, report they hook up because they want a temporary escape from relationships, while men say it’s because they like women. Those results were offered in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Men reported a preference for older women because younger women were more focused on the relationship, while women said younger men were easier to have sex with. With swiping apps in the mainstream, it’s easier than ever to find your next hookup, but with a gaggle of options to choose from, you’ll need a plan of attack to find the right type of hookup that works for you and your preferences. First, set a loose goal for casual sex: that doesn’t necessarily mean a hookup, it could also mean, “I need to have more sex with somebody.” Then you can define what you’re looking for within that definition. An online dating profile should be your personal ad. It is an opportunity for you to introduce the perfect person to the world, and for that person to fall in love with the things you’re passionate about. And as you’re letting that person into your life, it might be really important to remember that, above all, you’re in charge of your happiness. If casual sex is fun for you and you’re OK with the idea, then it may not be that bad for you after all. Casual sex isn’t inherently bad for you, and those who still worry about STDs or other diseases should not prevent themselves from embracing their sexual freedom. A casual hookup doesn’t have to be a consequence of unhealthy relationships, so do not let yourself be beaten down by a person with whom you have been hooking up as you try to pursue a serious relationship. From couples swapping to those in the mare-mature relationships, this is the story of seeking out physical pleasures, touching and kissing in public places. For many single people, as unlikely as this may sound, they find it easier to share with one person their practices, preferences and side of the bed they are at.
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While casual sex on the whole is pretty safe, condoms aren’t that great to rely on. In fact, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that half of all sexually transmitted infections are contracted without being protected by a condom. Genital herpes and syphilis can be contracted through sexual contact without a condom too. “Having casual sex not only puts you at risk for pregnancy, but also increases your risk of STDs,” says Dr. Eric Kleinman, an OB-GYN at Mount Sinai. Other STDs that are somewhat easier to contract without protection include gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV — meaning you can contract any of these health issues without engaging in penetrative sex. And while they’re sometimes contracted through non-sexual contact, as with bacteria like chlamydia and herpes, they’re most commonly transmitted via intercourse. Furthermore, the stigma around STDs has somewhat died down in the past decade, leaving many younger people to think that they’re not really that big of a deal, according to Huffington Post. “When you don’t have a condom on, the last thing you think about is the STD being transmitted to your partner. Your head is in the moment and your body is numbing out,” says Kleinman. “Having casual sex without protection is about putting your whole mind and heart in the moment.” That’s not to say that casual sex doesn’t have its risks. “Sexually transmitted infections are always important to consider,” says Kleinman. But by being in control of your decisions and selecting your partner wisely, the risk of contracting an STD is very low. If you’re having a casual fling with a stranger, keep in mind that, of course, you’d want to verify the person’s identity. You want to make sure you’re not having sex with a man who claims he’s a woman. You also need to know that if you go to the hospital to treat STDs that you could talk to the medical staff about it if you’re embarrassed or worried about your reputation. “If you have a hospital or doctor’s visit planned, tell your partner about it in advance so you know where to go,” says Dr. Kleinman. And he also recommends calling your health insurance company to confirm that you’re covered before taking your medication. For sexually transmitted infections and diseases that aren’t communicable via non-penetrative sex (for example, chlamydia), you could be as likely to contract them from your regular sex partner. “Having casual

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