₹2 Rupees coin value can give you 5000-10000 rupees – 100% True

In this time of pandemic, it very hard to earn money and very hard to get a high paying job. In rest time you can check your pockets you may have a coin that may give you 5000- 10000 rupees. So, there are so many coins which have some value one of them is 2 rupees coin of Neta ji sub hash Chandra boss. In this blog we are going to discuss about one of the valuable coins of Subhash Chandra boss ji.

1996 Coins are minted by mistake from Kolkata mint and this mistake is soon noticed. These coins minted in very limited quantity that’s why it become rare.
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2 Rupee coin of Subhash Chandra boss is issued on 100th Birth centenary of Subhas Chandra Bose. These coins are made up of copper and nickel and having 6 grams weight and minted in 2 years 1996-1997 from 4 different mints Bombay, Kolkata, Noida, Hyderabad. But these 1997 coins are not rare coins these are common coins. Coins from year 1996 is a rare coin and give you 5000 to 10000 rupees according to condition of coin.

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